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The Foundation

Vote For Your Favourite

Join us for the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation Photo Competition, a showcase of New Zealand’s remarkable deer species and the stunning landscapes they inhabit. This contest invites photographers of all levels to capture the beauty of the New Zealand and its deer population. With various categories to choose from, participants have the chance to gain recognition and win great prizes. Submit your best work and be a part of our mission to celebrate and preserve the extraordinary world of New Zealand’s deer.

How to vote

To cast your vote in the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation Photo Competition, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the competition’s Gallery page to view all submitted entries.
  2. Browse through the various categories and select the images that resonate with you the most.
  3. Once you’ve found a photo you’d like to vote for, click on the ‘Vote’ button below the image. Please note that you must be logged in to cast your vote.
  4. If you haven’t already registered, click on ‘Register to Vote’ to create an account. If you’re already registered, simply log in using your credentials.
  5. After voting in a category, feel free to explore other categories and vote for your favorites there as well.

Remember, you can only vote once per category.
So, choose wisely and support the talented photographers who have captured the essence of New Zealand’s deer species and the Fiordland region. Happy voting!

Proud Partners

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As a company, Hunting & Fishing New Zealand demonstrates a strong commitment to conservation, ethical hunting practices, and promoting a love for the outdoors. Their knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service make them a go-to destination for expert advice and guidance. 

We, at the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, appreciate their invaluable support and dedication to fostering a thriving outdoor community in New Zealand.