Wapiti Winter Weekend - Fri 30th Jun Sun 2nd Jul 2023
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Wapiti Blocks

The wapiti area is divided up into 25 blocks for the bugle period, and only parties which are successful in the ballot may hunt.

From the 31st of December until the 29th of April all blocks are closed to all hunting except for ballot holders in the Wapiti ballot period. 



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Wapiti are distributed between Charles Sound, to the south of Fiordland; Sutherland to the north, on the Tasman Sea side of Fiordland; then across to the Doon River, which flows into the middle fiord of Lake Te Anau, down to the Worsley River to the north.

A ballot is held to allocate hunting blocks. For the ballot there are 25 hunting blocks, which are divided up into Four 10-day hunting periods.

Rut period closures

The Wapiti area is closed for Hunting at this time:

  • From 31st December until 29th April for all blocks shown in map below

Closed Areas

PLEASE NOTE! The below Blocks closed to all Department of Conservation permitted hunting as of the 31st of December, until the start of the Wapiti ballot. Please see below closed blocks

Looking Glass


Stina Burn


George River


Lake Katherine


Wapiti River

Upper Glaisnock

Loch Burn

Lugar Burn

Lower Glaisnock

Narrows Creek

Mid Burn

Billy Burn

Wild Natives


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