Wapiti Winter Weekend - Fri 30th Jun Sun 2nd Jul 2023
Wapiti Hunting Ballot

Ballot Process

How to enter a hunting party in the Wapiti Hunting Ballot

How to enter a hunting party.

Register a hunter > add hunter usernames to a party > choose ballot block preference order > pay entry > wait for the draw!

1. To enter, all party members must be Ballot Applicants with a FWF account on this site. If you don’t have one, click here; if they don’t have one, get them to register first.

2. Check that you and everyone else in your party has agreed to be a Ballot Applicant (whether hunting or not) and that your account is up to date. (If you selected “Ballot Member” last year you are good to go.)

(TIP: Each user’s Ballot Applicant status and name is also displayed beside hunters on the entry form.)

3. Entering a party is simple. Just make sure you have the username of each party member’s FWF account.

4. Login to your account and go to the entries page.

5. Enter all the members of your party (you will be the party leader and contact) and your preference order for blocks and period. Remember, any block not on your list will not be allocated.

6. Submit your form and make entry payment for the whole party.

7. A confirmation email will be sent to your account’s email address. You can view your entry when logged in with an account relating to the party: My entry

Note: If you do not make complete Ballot Entry payment your party entry will be rejected.
The party leader must do this using their FWF Account.

If you have to change party members later, please let us know and we will update your entry. This can only be done before the ballot entries close however.

After the draw

What happens once the draw has taken place?

1. All party leaders are sent an email with the result for their party. Check your spam folder.


2. If you’re not lucky and chose to be included on further draws your party still stand a chance of a block. Hold tight and wait. If you’re no longer wanting to be included in this year’s draw, please withdraw your party.


3. If you are lucky enough to get a block, you need to accept your allocation and make payment within the reply period. Go to your Ballot entry and follow the on-screen process. You will need to agree to the terms laid out and must ensure you and all party members abide by them. Your allocation is NOT CONFIRMED until acceptance and payment has been received by FWF.


4. If you do not make contact or accept your block within the required time (usually 21 days after the first draw or 7 days after fill-in draws) your allocation will be cancelled and your party withdrawn for the year.

Did You know?
The biggest threat to the Wapiti herd is young bulls being harvested before maturity.


Wapiti Bull

Learn how to evaluate Wapiti bulls.
It’s going to improve your chances of Shooting a real trophy – a big old bull