Wapiti Winter Weekend - Fri 30th Jun Sun 2nd Jul 2023
Wapiti Hunting


The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation is committed to managing a transparent, efficient and effective Wapiti ballot.

Wapiti Hunting Ballot Key Dates

Ballot Open 01/09/2023 – 30/10/2023 – 5:00pm

Wapiti ballot drawn 4/11/2023–5:00pm

Ballot periods
1st period 20th March – 29th March 2024 – Briefing 19th March 6pm
2nd period 30th March – 8th April 2024 – Briefing 29th March 6pm
3rd period 9th April – 18th April 2024 – Briefing 8th April 6pm
4th period 19th – 28th April 2024 (ALL BLOCKS) – Briefing 18th April 6pm

Wapiti hunting in Fiordland is an experience of a lifetime

Fiordland Wapiti hunting during the rut is one of the most sort after hunting opportunities in the New Zealand hunting calendar.

The chance of securing a prized mature Wapiti bull in the rugged mountains and river valleys of Fiordland is not only mentally and physically challenging, but extremely satisfying. The opportunity to test one’s skills against the mighty Wapiti is nothing less than an experience of a lifetime.

Transparent and Fair

Fundamental to coordinating the ballot is communication, with all the hunters, within the committee and with a great many other groups and organizations involved. We recognize how important it is that the process is accurate, consistent and transparent.

Key to the success of the ballot process is systematic and thorough procedures and record keeping and we continually review the ballot process to look at ways to improve things for the following years’ ballot.

The tasks undertaken by the Ballot Committee of the FWF to ensure a successful ballot process are listed below:

  1. Ballot applications are made on-line through the ballot entry system site, ballot.fwf.net.nz
  2. All applications accurately completed and received by the deadline are registered and recorded.
  3. The committee then holds the ballot draw on a specified date as advised through the FWF website. We welcome anyone who would like to come along to the ballot to view the transparent process.
  4. The parties are then advised of the draw outcome, both successful and unsuccessful parties. Also the results are posted on the FWF website as soon as possible after the draw.
  5. Accurate records are kept of the successful hunting parties, registering the hunters that accept their block and identifying the blocks that are not accepted and that then move into the waiting list process.
  6. The ‘waiting list’ process is effectively managed and timely contact is made with those parities on the waiting list with the aim of optimizing the ballot blocks.
  7. Those parties that accept their hunting block are then sent all the information they require regarding the Wapiti block, which includes details of the Briefings where they will pick up their permits.
  8. The FWF then coordinate and manage two Briefing sessions which gather all the hunters that are about to depart into the Wapiti blocks. This is the time where the FWF record hunter’s information on DOC permits and obtain all necessary details from them, guest speakers talk to the hunters on relevant issues, DOC and the Te Anau Police pass on any safety information, beacon/radios and packet meals are distributed and any other relevant information is communicated to the hunters. This also provides a good opportunity for the hunters to gather and discuss the promotion of the Wapiti.
  9. At all stages of the process, the Ballot Committee aims to regularly liaise with all parties involved in the ballot process and effectively deal with any problems as they arise, ensuring a fair, efficient and transparent process.
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