Wapiti Winter Weekend - Fri 30th Jun Sun 2nd Jul 2023
Fiordland Wapiti Foundation 2022 - 23


After a rebuild of the George Sound hut early in 2022, a branch fell on the roof during winter. In November, a team of Foundation members and committee members went in on a quick fly-in, fly-out operation, removed the old roof and replaced it with a new one. Thanks to Marshall Industries who donated the new roof.

The FWF also gave a hand to the Back Country Huts Trust, and at the beginning of February 2023, we flew three volunteers into the Robin Saddle hut to install some heavy-duty tie-downs.

The remaining huts in the Wapiti area have been left alone this last year.

We do have a voluntary crew that has put their hands up to do some maintenance on the Glaisnock hut in December; painting, water blasting and cleaning. This work is much appreciated.