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Fiordland Wapiti Foundation

The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation was formed to address the potential threat to the flora and fauna of the Fiordland National Park caused by Wapiti deer, an introduced species, while maintaining a quality herd for future trophy hunting opportunities.


We are dedicated to protecting and sharing all the things that make Fiordland Special

In 1993 a group of hunters founded The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, initially as a deer management program. Since then, the Foundation has become guardians of one of Aotearoas’ treasures – Te Waipounamu World Heritage -Fiordland National Park. One of the world’s most prestigious wilderness areas

Formed to address the potential threat to flora and fauna of the Fiordland National Park caused by Wapiti deer, an introduced species, while maintaining a quality herd for future trophy hunting opportunities.

Out of that deer management grows a responsibility for Fiordland, a responsibility not only for the Wapiti deer but also for Fiordland and its environment.

Funded by Recreational Wapiti hunters out of their own pockets, it has been the most successful deer management program in New Zealand. This is a win- win for both conservation and recreation, and since 2005 it has accounted for over 18,000 unwanted deer to date.


Wild at Heart

The Fiordland Wapiti Trust are proud to be teaming up with the good sorts at BurgerFuel, Citizen Collective and With Wild to help launch a new special burger, Wild Heart.

The partnership is challenging perceptions around food waste and aiding in conserving the Fiordland National Park.  

A dollar from every burger sold will be donated to support the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation.
This will help the us to complete essential conservation work in the famous Nitz Valley.

Whio in river

Hunters Protecting Whio

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Wapiti Herd

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Fiordland Wapiti Foundation

Wapiti Ballot

Key Dates
Ballot opens: 1/10/23 - 30/11/23
1st period 20th – 29th March 2023
2nd period 30th March – 8th April 2023
3rd period 9th – 18th April 2023
4th period 19th – 28th April 2023 (ALL BLOCKS

Enter the Wapiti Ballot

Enter the Wapiti Ballot

Wapiti Ballot

Fiordland Wapiti hunting during the rut is one of the most sort after hunting opportunities in the New Zealand hunting calendar.

Did You know?
Wapiti Hunters conduct one of New Zealand's largest citizen science projects. Annually amassing over 40,000 hours of native bird monitoring equivalent to 20 years of work for one person.

More than just deer

Hunters know better than most that hunting Wapiti is more than just the deer, it’s a package deal that brings huge health benefits both mentally and physically. Being able to manage our projects in this amazing place is something the Wapiti Foundation cherish, as this program is not only about but also about peoples-hearts and minds.

Lead by a core of Volunteers the Wapiti Foundation it all about Wapiti deer and conservation.

Partnerships with other non-hunting groups were developed out of pure respect for ethical behaviour that was shown by the Wapiti Foundation.


Wapiti Bull

Learn how to evaluate Wapiti bulls.

It’s going to improve your chances of shooting
a real trophy – a big old bull